it’s done, and its perfect

im going to bed


i s2g if there’s something wrong when this video is done rendering im gonna be mad

i would show a picture of the skull i jsut glued together but i think i left my phone in my car

it’s almost 2 am and i still have 1/3 left in my render

I don't remember it exactly but I remember during the bayonetta playthrough arin was being all feminist and jon sounded really weird the whole time like he was just agreeing with arin to not make a fuss

yeah most of the shit jon didn’t say was just not because of backlash

like everytime he made a distasteful joke he was like “oooh people are gonna hate me for that”

now i guess he jsut doesn’t give a shit

my render is almost a quarter done and the estimated time hasn’t changed so im hoping it goes faster than it’s saying it’s gonna be o~o

tbh i can’t believe we didn’t see the signs

he said c**t on the first episode of game grumps

he said n****r pretty often even if barry censored it

talking about loving reddit and spending a lot of time there

being like “iM AN ATHEIST IM AN ATHEIST” in the grant kirkhope episode

he was a fedora in disguise all along

i'm sorta hoping that after this whole jontron business, markiplier will reconsider doing any more collaborations w/ him (he recently came to ny to do one but hasn't released the video yet).

i dont watch markiplier but yeah i hope that happens also

i want jon to ask someone to do a collaboration and they’re like “sorry no, you’re an asshole”


Literally all she did was point out misognyistic tropes in a video games, and this is the aftermath. Men continually prove feminism correct and necessary.

oh my god the render time wENT UP 

im gonna have to leave my computer on tonight aren’t i



Tuesday afternoon, Ferguson protesters march in downtown St. Louis, from City Hall to the US Courthouse. 

This is super important




friendly reminder: owning up to, learning from, and apologizing for your mistakes can go a long way