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Pharrell is on the list and was in the video/featured on the song

ah i see

(they should have put daft punk instead)




the fastest word i can type is motherlode

almost 70,000 people get this joke like is a fandom thing or can you all must type motherlode really fast what is going on



My dog sometimes refuses to get off the bed.. So he sits up and stares me down..

I read that the guy who was behind the Blurred Lines video is also on the list??? I don't know his name but someone said he's on there too.

robin thicke?? he’s not on the list. was there someone else who was “behind” the video? :0



benedict cumberbatch, john green and miley cyrus made it on to the time 100 list

but laverne cox didn’t


maybe because some people don’t know who she is?? Like I had no idea this person existed before everyone started posting about it

compared to miley cyrus, who made it on the list:

dont give me that trash

They also left out Lupita Nyong'o. Nice to know Miley Cyrus and Kim Jong-un were a must on the list.




anime skeleton

this was the worst 28 seconds of my life

fuck you




and then they didnt put her on the final list

burn this earth

I think time’s up for TIME.

so i’ve got a meeting with my mom’s boss about some design work tomorrow but i can’t think of any design stuff to show them ._.;;; i don’t want to show them just art if they’re looking for logo design hhhng

The reason why is because the votes didn't matter. At all. The editors or whoever behind Time magazine in the end were the ones to choose who got put on the list.

fuck time magazine 

benedict cumberbatch, john green and miley cyrus made it on to the time 100 list

but laverne cox didn’t


so a while ago I found this painful video a dude had made of “TOP TEN HOTTEST FEMALE SONIC CHARACTERS!!!” and it’s just a guy talking about which Sonic characters he wants to pork for like TEN MINUTES

my friend took the audio from that video, trimmed it down, and put it over footage of the actual animals along with some smooth jazz and it is still one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen