Okay tumblr I would like your opinions on this please

First of all, I live in a town called “Molalla”. It was named after a Native American tribe that lived in this area. Because of that, my high school’s mascot was “the Indian”.

Looking through Facebook, apparently that’s been changed since I graduated last year. I don’t know what it’s been changed to, whether it’s a completely different mascot or they just changed the name to “Native American”. I was happy about this, I’ve always found that making a complex culture into just “YEAH YEH COME TO OUR FOOTBALL GAME TONIGHT GO INDIANS WOO” was wrong. During pep rallies (white) students would act out “the tale of the molalla indians” wearing headdress and halfassed body makeup that was incorrect.

But of course, looking through the comments of my old classmates, they see differently. 

You’re not honoring a group of people by worshiping a stereotype at a sports game. I have to go to class now, but I would appreciate your input. 

  1. a-necessary-fiction said: No, I agree with you. I’m not Native American, but I get infuriated when Asian cultures are lumped together and turned into insulting Halloween costumes and the like. It’s not cool.
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    Yeah, you can’t say you’re “honoring” an ethnic group by making them into a mascot. That’s just fucking stupid.
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    using a different culture as a mascot is objectively wrong and terrible and racist and im glad yr school changed it the...
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